Friday, February 24, 2012

Full House High Tea with Wong Fu Productions

I had never been to Full House though I have heard off it from the blogs I've read. So I knew what to expect. But when I was there, panic stricken.

I had wanted so badly win tickets to catch Wong Fu while they were here in Malaysia. I've been a big fan since their Yellow Fever days and it'll always good to see genuinely talented people succeed. #hipster

I joined all of the competitions hosted by Inspire.ME and Nuffnang but sadly did not win any. I was hoping to be able to get a VIP seat so that I stand a chance to have high tea with the boys. As luck would have it, Nuffnang kept the best for last. A Hi Tea with Wong Fu Productions competition was held. And yes, on Fri I found out I had won the ultimate prize. See things have a way of working out for the better. And trust me it gets better.
The moment I stepped into Full House I was panicking. Dressed in a Red Skater dress from Doublewoot, I knew no one. Here is a lass who took a bus from Penang to see this bunch of guys from Youtube. The place was packed. You could sense the excitement. Fortunately, scanning the faces there I registered a familiar one. Jackie Loi whom I had met at NAPBAS was there. Hallelujah! And sitting together was Nuffie Fresh. Double hellujah!
The organization could have been better but no big crisis. Food was nice, location nice. Quite a lot of people for a high tea.

Managed to snap this picture of Lainey in anticipation of her Prince Charming. It was my 1st time meeting her and she was such a nice person. Even passed me her Wong Fu ticket from the night before so that I could get some signature as a momento. 

The ladies, Fresh, Lainey and Peanutxz.

The Hi Tea started in a typical Malaysian timing. Something that the Wes had a taste of. But in the end they did arrive, fashionably late. But all the running about and getting stuck in jams were visible in their faces. Still they put on a brave front.

My 1st picture with Mr Phil Wang. I've always admired his energy. He is my action man of Wong Fu Productions. Always willing to put into action all the wonderful ideas. Spontaneity comes to mind. I wanted to pick his brains further about early pitfalls and what gives him all the energy and courage to do things. But...Fan Girls alert. 

That was the one problems I had. The Fan Girls. I too am a fan girl but I was respectful to the organisers to follow their rules and only take limited amount of pictures. This was suppose to be an intimate hi tea. Us sitting together, chatting and getting to know each other. Instead it was all about getting the pictures. 
The wonderful gift from Lainey making my moment more memorable. Here is Wes being so lovely and obliging. I can't imagine the pressure he was in to draw ion the bottle caps as he tends to take forever to analyse even the smallest details or concept. I think it would take a very special lady to put up be compatible with him. As I waited patiently for my turn to have a picture with him, more fan girls came. They even cut que to take pictures with him =( 
But Wes being a Nice Guy noticed and actually told a girl "one moment, she's been waiting awhile now"  and turned towards me. *kichack*

I'm a happy girl now. As I politely stepped away and then Wes was consumed. Well not literally.

Perhaps it was the hoards of fan girls sapping the energy from me or the sheer bliss of meeting people I so admired in the flesh, I plopped myself  like a good girl in my chair as to avoid being part of the hoard. Having a giddy silly smile on my face I chatted with my new found friends. 

On a side note, I must comment that the Manager of Full House was very accommodating. He kept my luggage in a safe place, tolerating the young teeny boppers drooling over some talented eye candies. It must have looked very perplexing to him but he kept a friendly straight face anyway. Later the girls and I decided to have dinner there. The Salmon that Mr Manager recommended was delicious! Not too big a portion, slightly sweet. The house wine had a little too much tanin for my taste but all was well.

Lainey was so kind as to drop me off to the nearest LRT and thus I made my way to Penang Airport via Air Asia.

Things always has a way of working out. Although Nice Guy Ted could not be there, I had saved a spot on the card the next time we meet. 

Sure Wong Fu Productions have the looks. Sort of the boyband for film productions, one to suite every taste, but their sheer talent and determination is inspirational. Somehow, they managed to make something simple seem so professional and yet not conform to trends. Standing proud as an advocate for all things nice and wholesome. Something I hope to represent. See, you can be nice and cool. Something I hope to become.

All in all it was a magical journey for me. One that I hope to be a stepping stone for greater things to come. Before I end...
Here's one for the memory box. WF4L

P/S: Are you a fan of any Youtubers?
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ErikaToh said...[Reply to comment]

Alamak....I didn't know you guys were inside when I was seated just outside! But it was great to get a glimpse of Wes! He's really good looking. I'm glad we saw each other that day. ^^

Chee Ching said...[Reply to comment]

Wesley the Mr Nice Guy! AHHHHH! <3

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@ErikaToh What a small world right?Next time not just see kay? we'll have a drink and a good chat^^

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@Chee Ching Lols yes he is but i think he'll be a difficult partner lols for someone like me who's messy ;p sure gik sei hei lols...

Ken Wooi said...[Reply to comment]

glad everything worked out fine..but still, no fair coz you had good photos with them! :P

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@Ken Wooi Lols...yeah i saw your blogpost!~ kesian~ well they'll be in Singapore soon ^_^

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...[Reply to comment]

omg wong fu! they are really handsome in whichever angle, haha

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kerker said...[Reply to comment]

Love Wong Fu!!! i use to watch all their youtube vids!

xo kerker
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Bobo Sora said...[Reply to comment]

I found you on twitter, and wow you got to meet Wong Fu! Sounds like you had an exciting and hectic (fan girls) adventure! =)

Violet LeBeaux said...[Reply to comment]

Waaaa that's so cool! I would love to meet them, i've been watching their videos for ages too! It looks like you had and awesome time ^_^