Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Payless Haul

Payless is in Sunway Carnival Mall! Hosting many American brands that may not be so familiar to our ears in these parts of the world I'm sure you at least know of this prodigy.

Yes, one of the BEST winner of project runway by far in my opinion, this petit diva maybe loud but he works at lightning speed and if you let his work speak for themselves, they are just as bold and audible as him. In a fabulously fierce way of course. And it's true, a designer shoe from RM79. Bless Christian Siriano's heart. 

When you walk in you'll think, this is heaven. The pumping music only hasten the fluttering heartbeat of a shoe lover as they step into this shop. Rows and rows of shoes lined up obediently according to their sizes.

Anything from demure flats, to skyscraper stilletos, sensible oxfords to beach ready tongs/slippers depending on where you are from.

A line of accessories to go with your new indulgence.

Bags galore

They even have a kids section.

This is a pair made in heaven for me. I've been wearing them for hours in the office and thanks to the discrete bump that supports my arch, it really feels like I'm walking on sunshine. And only for RM 79! 

I really liked these pretty pair. Preppy, hipster, cute. Loving the not too high and thick but still elegant heels. I can think of so many outfits to have a ball with them but alas, budget is a pain. I will come back for you, my precious!~ Next month! Shh..

Oh did I mention the people there were so nice to us? Especially Jamilah and the Manager who's a guy but knows all the shoes there by heart. I think he's a shoe lover too. I can feel it. 
Sadly in our dizzying interpretive dance of "OMG I have to have there, do you have in my size" rendition. they quietly snuck of to have a break while their colleague, these 2 ladies in the  picture took over.

Overall I love Payless.

  • Small mirrors and full length ones are accesible.
  • Variety is in abundance. Mostly women but there is a men and kids section as well.
  • Very friendly and helpful workers
  • Excellent price and quality.

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Jen said...[Reply to comment]

shoe heaven O_____O i wanna visit there one day XD