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Melbourne Day 2.1: Peninsular Hot Spring

I'm most probably be in Subang now getting ready for NAPBAS. Hope to see some of you there if not, well stay tuned here. Thank you for dropping by and please leave a comment of like this post.

I highly recommend  renting a car and clearing at least a day for this. At the peninsular there are so many ways to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings Melbourne has to offer. You could drop by this site Mornington Peninsular Tourism for tips on what to see, smell, eat, drink, soak, pick and a plethora of other verbs.

Day 2 and having fluffy slippers in the early morning was amazing. Got intimate with the chills in the toilet but a great way to wake up as we were on the road at about 6am. The sun was already peeking through the clouds. Out target for the day was the Peninsular. The little bit that sticks out from the mainland. Turns out there is so much to explore there!

Breakfast of champs. I love to pop in the local fast food and see what they have. Every country has their slightly different versions. Here you have bacon mac egg muffin. Bliss.

Over 20 bathing experiences offer visitors a world of health, fun and relaxation. Bathing experiences include, to mention a few, thermal mineral spring pools, a Turkish steam bath, cave pool, underground sauna, reflexology walk, massaging thermal mineral showers, a family bathing area, hydrotherapy pool and a bathing valley with Moonviewing pool. 

It blends so well with it's surroundings, wait till you see the insides. Truly honouring mother nature.

We opted for the public bath house.

The place has been recently renovated so that means more options. There are many pools there with different temperature raging from 36ºC to 43ºC but during hot days cooler pools are provided too. The best part is that these pools are all natural.  They only add cold water to reduce the temperature if it gets too high. That which they check frequently throughout the whole day. 
The water contains a range of naturally occurring minerals including sulphur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and many others. The gentle aroma comes from the sulphur content.

The eating area below. We were not the 1st ones there but we were pretty early.

This is Carl. The employees there are ever so nice and helpful.

Making sure we know the procedures.

You need to take a shower beforehand. Bath gels are available there so make sure you give yourself a good scrub and pay that everyone did the same.

And off we go!  The pathways are clean and clear so it's okay to go sans slipper.

Signs to point you in the right direction.

All the pools are small so you feel rather private as you soak in the thermal goodness and breath in the gentle sulphur and listen to nature all around you. To be fair and safe one should dip no longer than 15 minutes. So everyone gets a turn and no one gets boiled.

we went to the very top because apparently that is where the best view is.

Perfect view 360º

Thank you Whoopz Bikini. this piece I have on is called the Tangy Purple Bandeau Bikini. Comfortable and fun. A sturdy plastic clasp behind so you won't have any whoops moment. I love their selections at their online shop. Something for everybody. Next time I would go for something a little wider for the bottom to balance out my thunderous thighs.
Oh and so sorry I have no make up om here.

Just like in the movies.

Look what I spotted.

Ben being a boss.

Everything there is so well built you wonder if it's really man made. 

We went to the sauna and hammam or Turkish bath too. but I dare not bring my camera in so here are some pictures courtesy of the website I linked earlier.


They are so nice that they even outline how you can save more HERE
My top tips there are

  • Bathing suits 
  • Towel or bath robe can double as a towel. You can also dry your towel a bit while you are in the sauna.
  • Rough Hand Towel. You can give yourself a good scrub after 10 minutes in the hammam. I never knew I had so much dead skin cells! Alternatively you can pick up some olive soap cleverly wrapped in a thick cloth at the reception area.
  • Bottle Dehydration can happen when you are in the hot spring or the sauna so it's good to have a bottle of water which you can refill at the water fountain
  • Water resistant watch! If you are going for the early bird special you need to leave on time. there are no clocks in there of course and it feels so good that time will pass by fast.

Slippers are not necessary as the path ways are very clean

All fresh and feeling energetic, we we're ready to take on The Peninsular.
I would Highly recommend going to the Peninsular Hot Springs at the end of your journey to de-stress but Ben prefers it at the beginning so that you are energised to take on Melbourne! Maybe you could go twice!

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Wow. So many things to do on a spa trip!

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aww the place for sauna is like a heaven! so relaxing


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