Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Melbourne Day 1

Firstly I would like to thank Air Asia for the smooth flight. The attendants were pretty and ever so helpful. Though I suspect they tilted my drooping head back to my seat from the aisle from my own safety. Thus far no one has been decapitated by a trolley in a plane before. And let's keep it that way.
 The flight from Penang to LCCT was smooth.  Too bad the Penang airport was still under renovation so do consider bringing ear muffs to shield against the jack ass  hammer.

 I had booked our connecting flight with 4 hours as a buffer. It was well spent in Starbucks.  The hot cocoa and cake was complimentary. Thank you Starbucks for the lovely gesture of a free drink redeemable from your Starbucks card as well as the Birthday cake.

 Yes I am indeed a December baby. It's actually quite sad but I'll leave that story to another day.

 Off we beam to our over night haul to Melbourne.

 I was dead tired then.  You see, Ben is the night owl and well, I need all the beauty sleep  can get.

 Friendly  flight attendant.

 During the flight you can redeem your meal either as supper or breakfast. We didn't know that. So despite being full from our scrumptious dinner and early birthday cake. We somehow managed to scoff down the food. Not bad actually. Except that the vegetables were alil soggy. I like mine with a little extra crunch.

 See, I'm all cheery after a good nights rest. A few advise . Flight at night is the best. You don't lose time and you are well rested when you arrive. Here are some tips to achieving a good nights rest up in the air:

  • Drink plenty of water. Waking up with a desert in your throat is not fun. Your skin will thank you as well.
  • Have a warm jacket with hoodie or a blanket. You lose a lot of body heat through your head so keeping your noggin all wrapped up keeps you warm and fuzzy.
  • Eye mask and ear plugs. these will be life savers if you are a light sleeper. Some passengers may prefer to stay up with their reading lights on or perhaps some parent maybe having trouble putting their babe to sleep.

So we arrived safely. At the airport we were nervous as many kind hearts have warned us of the perils of Melbourne customs. We were ready, not. All we had was some ginseng powder meant as gifts and some Skittle which Ben had bought before departure. We were debating for a good 10 minutes if we should abandon the sweets in the bin. We put on our puppy face after the long queue and declared our 2 items. Just like that we were released with out any hesitation except on our part. I actually asked "Is that it?" as I eyed some ladies frantically undoing their suitcases.
That's it.

So we were picked up by Ben's cousin. The temperature was 17 degrees Celsius. It was a summers day. Fortunately many kind hearts also warned us of the capricious weather in Melbourne but secretly, I thoroughly enjoyed the drop in temperature.

First stop, breakfast.  I love the name Lygon Street. Unofficially the little Italy of Melbourne, the name conjures up the thoughts of Harry Potter. Perhaps if I were to wander fast enough into a brick wall, I might be transported! Of course I was not brave daft enough to try that.

 Can you spot the probable pseudo mafia/versace?

 With the refreshing air, it was only the smartest thing to dine al fresco on the early Saturday morning.

 Good nights sleep and we were all smiles on the prospects of food.
Typically Malaysians aren't we?

 The smoked Salmon on this was divine.

 One can never go wrong with bacon and eggs at anytime of the day.

Something healthy to start the day. Avocado, tomato and basil concoction.

 My favourite, perfectly poached eggs. The side of smoked salmon I pinched from Ben was a perfect combination.

Off we go to the Melbourne city.
 Rainbow Avenue is a cool place to hang.  Shops all around

Our gorgeous Aunt working hard.

 Horsie bit me!  According to a good source, it's because I didn't pet them 1st.
So now YOU know and I hope you will avoid the mistake I made.

 Ben the horse whisperer.

Great show case of break dancing!
Littered all over Melbourne city there are many buskers around. But that doesn't mean you can break out your bass to lay some mean beats. You need a special permit for that. But , you can show your appreciation by enjoying their talent and tipping them.

At that very corner you can get horse rides from the gentleman or the cowboy. Your pick. It's around AUD100 for a 30 minutes ride around the city. pricey? but it's okay that's for the whole carriage so you can split it with 4-6 person.

Our relatives we're so nice to offer their home in the suburb for our stay. So yeah, no hotel reviews for this trip, sorry.

One thing I noticed about the real estate in Melbourne suburbs are that they are so different.
You see clean modern architecture next too cosy cottage styles. I really like the diversity and the public transport system are so efficient though a lil pricey unless you have a myki

So here is a look at our cousins garden.
Warning, plants here seem to be on steroids.

 Supposedly the flower of an onion plant.

 This is an averaged sized dandelion. Average by Aussie standard.

 Malaysian dandelions pales in comparison. Maybe we have a different species?
And if this is average, where are the larger ones?!

 Just a lovely evening with family in the garden. A spot of tea would have been perfect.

 I have in my hand a random UFO shaped squash which neither of us know what to do with and 2 sprigs of flower from a weed. Weeds in Melbourne are pretty. In fact I don't think having a weed cutting business would do very well. I would gladly welcome this weed's infestation in my garden!

Occupying ourselves with new senses, before we knew it, it was dinner time.
During summer, the sun lingers longer in the sky. Sun rise is as early as 4am and sunset as late as 8pm For someone like me whose  circadian cycle is controlled by the sun, it really messed me up. But in a good way. 

 So dinner is this lovely Vietnamese restaurant.

172 Victoria Street, Richmond VIC 3067, Australia
+61 3 9429 8130 

Spring roll with savoury dipping sauce.

 Shy prawns hiding in plain sight.

 Banh xeo , Vietnamese pancake with prawn and pork filling 

 Banh kot, mini pancaked with prawns

 Beef Pho, huge portions.

 Some sweet sour chicken.

The food there was nice though do look through the fresh lettuce leaves. They are so fresh that they might have brought some friends along from the farm. The service was fast ant the waiter very funny.

Next was a short drive to St Kilda.

 T ___T

 Our Aunt and Uncle.

 Uncle Nick, whose a white collar by day and an awesome drummer by night.

 Sun setting on the grey skies.

 Then...for a moment, grey turned magical.

 A quick photo and a good period of shivers we headed home to end our 1st day in lovely Melbourne.

The 1st night was really cold there. Imagine sleeping over in cold Genting or Cameron highlands.  It was so cold that I had a nightmare.

I awoke, in my said nightmare, back in Malaysia. The very same dream I had in my 1st day in Japan. I vividly remember how real it felt and actually willed myself to awake again but in reality in Japan before and now Australia. Talk about inception right? If you can, lay some fluffy slippers under your pillow the night before. When you awake in the chilly morning, just slip out the pre-warmed slippers and put them on. Your feet will thank you but unless you have a heated toilet seat, you're bound to feel the chill in a very intimate way.

Next post, Glow in a bikini at the hot spring, real life Farmville and making new friends. Do stay tuned as I have some tips aside from the usually touristy advice. See you in 2 days time.

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Shmuberry said...[Reply to comment]

Looks like you had a fun trip! Can't wait to read more!

Horses can be like that: our first horse, Kenny, would bite you if you didn't let him smell you and get used to your presence (or give him a carrot haha). Eva however, is much nicer and wants to cuddle every human she meets! One time, I wasn't paying attention to her and she started rubbing her head against my back so that I would pet her <3

Horses all have different personnalities so it's best to ask the owner what's the best way to approach them :)

ErikaToh said...[Reply to comment]

Wow, nice! I enjoyed reading about your trip to Melbourne and love the photos you took. Can't wait for the next update! :D

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@Shmuberry sweet! Do you still have horses? I met a horse farrier at the zoo on my 5th day in Melbourne. He's quite the character!

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@ErikaToh Thanks ^^ still learning the features on my Olympus EPM1 ^^ stay tuned as I have some tips that aren't on the usual tourist sites.

jamieywrites said...[Reply to comment]

love your post! will be better equipped for our trip next year :P

Shmuberry said...[Reply to comment]


yes! We gave Kenny since it was time for him to retire from competitions. He lives in a "retired horse barn" my mom's friend home. Horses there just gallop around all day haha

My mom's newest protégée is Eva, a very sweet mare! I'll like you a picture on FB! :D

HenRy LeE said...[Reply to comment]

wahhhh... seems like a pretty awesome trip! wish i can travel there someday... u looked really tired in some of the pictures. Are u ok now? Had the spring roll before and i thought it's a vietnamese cuisine or something liddat right? :)

` Yi Han said...[Reply to comment]

Nice post and nice pictures too! :D Love the picture of the dandelion, so pretty!

Elwyn said...[Reply to comment]

Wahhhh, this reminds me of my time in Melbourne~! Lygon. Hmmm, had any gelato yet ? Or is that in another post ?

And you mentioned hot springs? I cant wait because I went to a hot spring before and it was really nice~! Hehehe.

You make me wanna go back there.

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@jamieywrites Ooo...when are you going?

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@HenRy LeE coz 1st day no makeup! Bad for skin to have make up in plane then when reached too excited to put on any ^^

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@` Yi Han Aw...thanks ^^ huge right? I love dandelions there. Good thing I didnt get hay fever though ^^

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@Elwyn Ah gelato next post ^^ yes, the weather was perfect too. stay tuned ya!~

Hilda Milda™ said...[Reply to comment]

I don't remember seeing dandelion in Msia -_- but the dandelion there is so pretty! Smoke salmon for breakie, YUM YUM! I suppose Ben is all well now since he had acl reconsturction few months back? That's a fast recovery! Can't wait for the next post already!!

DebbZ said...[Reply to comment]

oh no, too many yummy pictures on this post. Makes me hungry :p
I like your post.....can't wait for the next.


Evelyn`Wann said...[Reply to comment]

Your Melbourne trip looks so nice~ the photos are really nice :)
Happy Birthday to you ^^ ENJOY!!