Friday, September 23, 2011

Glow Playing Nurse...

Glow will be out of service for awhile because...

she is busy playing nurse.

Yeah, with the doctor...

Ben just has an operation the other day on his knee to repair a 8 year old ACL tear injury he got while trying to do a fade out basket ball throw in college to show off  share skills with the captain of the basket ball team captain. 

The ball made it in, he heard a pop and voila, torn ligament.

Through out the years it has gotten progressively worse so now finally he is getting it fixed by another doctor. 

Despite the picture above I wish I could look as sexy and seductive in hopes to stimulate Ben's speedy recovery but in the real world I'll be wearing a worn out baby T, shorts, messy hair and the lovely scent of of natural bodily sweat wafting out.

Imagine that...

Gosh, I think I make a horrid nurse.
But I do enjoy living out that fantasy of helping people with their daily chores, physiotherapy and cheering them on to get well soon as they cringe in pain.

So for now my blogging job has to take a back seat. Sorry.
Please do drop by anyways as I will be missing my lovelies. 

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Nava.K said...[Reply to comment]

Thats a pic of a sexy looking nurse for sure. You take care and will keep in touch once everything is in place with you.

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...[Reply to comment]

look forward to your return on blogspot :)

Isaac Tan said...[Reply to comment]

hope he gets well soon ya, his speedy recovery, and your speedy return to blogging

DeyiMizu said...[Reply to comment]

Hope he's doing well! Thanks for the time to stop by my blog! Return soon!

Hilda Milda™ said...[Reply to comment]

Wish Ben a speedy recovery, he must be hardworking in doing those physio exercise, no time to laze around :P

becomingbeautiful said...[Reply to comment]

Hope Ben gets better soon!!

lina said...[Reply to comment]

How is he doing now? Hope he'll get well soon.

Take care both o you.