Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Golden Moments.

Sometimes, you find something so spectacular, that it takes little effort to capture it.

Pictures taken with my humble...

Canon Ixus 70. Yes, very humbly so.

Do enjoy.

Sunbeams breaking through the morn of the coast of Penang isle.

Love this effect. No idea what it's called. But I dub this the golden moment. A few minutes of glowing amber magic.

in a failed attempt to recreate the golden moment in doors.

Kel commented that my smile looks odd. Maybe I need some lip gloss, and food.

P/S: Have you captures a magical moment in camera before? Do share.

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Charmaine said...[Reply to comment]

Nice photos! You look tired ler dear hahaha

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@Charmaine I do? oh my. Maybe I needed more make up or sleep lols...

JAMALUDDIN ABU BAKAR said...[Reply to comment]

jamal from innit...more tips here


Supia Chao said...[Reply to comment]

Nice one, look like photos from advertisement.

kuromeowiie said...[Reply to comment]

NICE PHOTO!you caught the perfect timing la~

maro^gal said...[Reply to comment]

nice pix !! looks like DSLR photos..haha

said...[Reply to comment]

nice picture with ixus 70,,sometimes we do not need that BIG CAMERA...

come visit my blog..;)

Alvin Kuan said...[Reply to comment]

I've taken LOTS of photos, but with a DSLR. :P
My photos are all on my blog, do pay a visit!

Nick said...[Reply to comment]

nice photo :) hehe

Nava.K said...[Reply to comment]

great shots. Thank you so much for your support on my blog, really appreciate it very much.

Kkzai~ said...[Reply to comment]

do really enjoy de sunrise and sunset in Penang~ gonna miss it so much when i leaving later~

nice photos and got feel on it~ KEEP IT ON~