Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Breath of Death: Mother of all Garlic Naan

So the big event is now over with the sweet taste of victory. As I'm left to face the aftermath of cleaning up and attempting to catch up with the others, I have unfortunately left my sunshines at Bonjour Glow to decay. I do apologies.

I'm sure that many of the male sunshines have heard about the unforeseen loss of Manchester Uniteds' loss to arch rival Liverpool. Nani was indeed seriously injured. Not a show.

Aside from that, that was the fateful night that I had ingested the mother of all garlic naan. If you have been following my Twitter (not yet? Click HERE) you would know what I had been through.

So there I was, reveling in the electric hazy atmosphere at the local mamak (24hours Malaysian eatery and hang out spot)

My choice of drug? Garlic naan washed down with a tall glass of Milo on the rocks. But little did I know the potency of that piece of evil flat bread.

To cut it short after 36 hours, 5 attempts at brushing my teeth+ tongue, 2 liters of water and 3 times of passing motion. I could still taste the residual flavor of this dastardly garlic in my mouth. I concluded that this must have been a level 10 GM (genetically modified) garlic.

To Ben this might be a great thing as my man loves eating raw garlic and onions. As for the cowardly me, I try to avoid such pungent brotherhoods and resort to only the cooked sterilized ones.

Yes, I ONLY eat cooked garlic or onions. Just to make sure they are less potent. I do not fancy the lingering after taste that often stays past their welcome.

How about you? Raw or cooked?

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Sherry Degarmo said...[Reply to comment]

cooked. i don't really prefer raw food. :)

Lilian Hii (백합) said...[Reply to comment]

I hate garlics!! Even just by smelling it, i would puke! D: Raw o and cooked = both nahhh

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@Sherry Degarmo garlic and onion?

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@Lilian Hii (백합) wow! that bad huh? but garlic bread is soooo tasty!

dori_lukey said...[Reply to comment]

I vote for no garlic!

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@dori_lukey at all? whoa, quite drastic leh~

maro^gal said...[Reply to comment]

oh no.... tats terrible..
i cant stand garlic.. >.< i will run away... hahaha

Miss N said...[Reply to comment]

haha...garlic seriously taste good but the I hate bad breath.

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@maro^gal Like a vampire? lols...

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@Miss N sad right?

Rascat said...[Reply to comment]

cooked!! but if sushi then must be raw with some wasabi in it,haha >w<