Saturday, June 12, 2010

My take on Cheesie's-The thing about looks

It's early Saturday morning, decided to catch up on some blog reading. As some of you may know, I follow Cheesie's blog. Some call her a bimbo blogger but isn't there a little bimbo in all of us? Secretly I wish I knew half the things she can do. But like all humans we are not perfect.

Last night, Cheesie posted this post out of boredom? Some people whole heartily agreed and to some others it struck a chord.

Here is a snippet of it. Click on the title for the full version.

"As much as money is tempting, i couldn’t bring myself to f*ck an ugly person. Can you??? I’m not pretending to have super dignity or whatever, but the reason is simple. If i marry an ugly guy, my children are likely to look like a piece of shit too. Then the good part of my gene is bloody wasted just because i wanted to be able to afford some Gucci bags wtf? Sad right? Actually i have a confession to make. I have briefly allowed myself to consider marrying this good looking guy i’ve met for just a short time in my life, just to see what kind if interesting mix of baby we could come up with. And in my imagination she (yea our baby would be a girl) would look perfect. This kid of mine. She will have super big eyes and she’s tall and she doesn’t need a rhinoplasty and she probably has green eyes or something.

That’s me lo. I am narcissistic beyond myself. I won’t allow my offspring to disinherit the good part of me.

So in my opinion ugly people should only date ugly people. In that way the beauty of nature will not be disrupted. What’s already ugly stays ugly (aiya we can’t do much about it la. Lost cause already. How the hell do you undo pollution, for example? You just preserve more forest, etc etc), and we save the beautiful (well, beauty might be arguably subjective, but ugliness is mostly not). Think pedigree. If you have a champion bloodline Siberian Husky, would you stupidly go and mate it with some shit ass looking mongrel? (Unless the mongrel pays you shitloads of money, which again reinforces the fact that human is so driven by money.) It’s natural instinct to want to pursue the beautiful. Human or animals. It’s all for better reproduction, whatever (i’m making that up to sound more well-researched)....."

Now before you start judging her, don't let the swearing put you off. Look past that. I think the main point she's trying to put out is that she wants the best for her future children. Being a celebrity blogger, looks are very important to our dear Cheesie. So that is the value that is important to her. We all have different sets of values, all this thanks to life lessons learnt through adversities experienced. And here is my (edited) 2 cents about it.

Perhaps those not so good looking people realize the fact that they are below par on the looks category and society choose to harshly judge them as so, they decide to bank in on their other qualities. Like a charming personality, great talent, money, etc?

And possibly, some of those God given good looking people are actually insecure deep down inside? I think all of us at one point or another have experienced that. Question is have we learnt to over come them or have we let it consume us?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe we see beauty differently then others. Some like well endowed partners, others look for the face, even some at what's inside...the pocket. Or even perhaps they are actually FAs? (Fat admirers) They do exist. Hey, what ever floats your boat I always say.

My mom use to tell me during my tender teenage year, leng chai mou leong sam (really good looking guys have no heart?) Sure I've had crushes on those hot looking hunks but I'd rather have some one whose sun ngan (easy on the eyes), polite, and I can connect with in a higher and often random level.

I'm in it for the long run, past dating, past showing off, past copulation, past children, past buying a house together and sleeping on a mattress with out a bed for the 1st month. Till we're old and saggy and half blind and deft. You hear that Ben?

And I think couples should always look good for each other, good as in healthy so can pak tao dou lou (grow grey hairs and old ) together, and not leave the other stuck with the failed triple heart bypass surgery bills.

I keep hearing this line "There are no ugly people , only lazy people" I think it applies not just to pan leng leng (look pretty)but also to work out, be healthy and be a nicer person too. Yes, it takes effort in life, that's living.

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Eza Rashid said...[Reply to comment]

keep up a gud job babe,,,,,heheeh

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@Eza Rashid

Thank you^^ You too.

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...[Reply to comment]

well, if cheesie thinks that way, good for her and her future babies LOL
so, it must be true when people say most girls don really go after hot looking guys? because me gf even said that, she would be more comfortable being around someone's average (ME?) and those cute, good looking hollywood actors are just eye candies.. =_=
haha anyway, like ur post ;)

Zenghoong said...[Reply to comment]

I like the way u think. Reading Cheesie's paragraph made me abit fired up. Sigh..

See you in innit :)

Bruce828 said...[Reply to comment]

Haha~ great talk about look and beauty~ agree some of those point there :D

Hv a nice day Glo-w :D

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@Danial Ikhwan Jaafar

Thanks, and don't worry your GF is not settling with 2nd best^^ she's right, just eye candy.

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]


Chill chill^^ remember don't judge a song by it's title^^

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]


Very kind of you to say that^^ Thanks and you have a beutiful day as well^^

kianfai87 said...[Reply to comment]

your post might change little of my mind especially the words with "there is no ugly person, but lazy person". this inspired me alot =)

And no matter what people say about a girl like mimbo and so on. for me I am a Jumbo alright, didn't really think too far of it =/

Thanks for you sharing about your post. *peace*

nesca said...[Reply to comment]

nice words. having hot girl as a gf means insecurity. everyone would stalk her and dun tell me the bf wont be jealous and annoyed rite?

so choose the so-so one is ok already :)

Lukey Cher Hong said...[Reply to comment]

well, it's undeniable that we humans are evolved in such a way to find mates that will guarantee that our offspring will have a better chance of survival. or a better mating chance. which is why we find good looking people because good lucks normally signifies a healthy sexual drive etc. well biologically speaking.

but humans are different too in a way that God chose to gave us brains so we can think and judge for ourselves what we want. and the ability to discern that good looks normally dun equal a confirm successful relationship

it's just a matter of wanting to follow ur primal instincts or use the brain given to u.

my 2 cent thought.

Dropping by from Lukey's Rantings

Hilda Milda said...[Reply to comment]

But maybe some other people felt offended by the word ugly cause what does ugly really means? Others might even think she's saying she's pretty herself but w/o a doubt she is pretty. Anyways, it depends on how people look upon this matter :D

I'm not on any side heh

Silverhawk said...[Reply to comment]

What you said about good looking people being insecure themselves is actually very true. Yet its also that same insecurity that makes them so good looking. Ironic isn't it? :P

So kianfai87, no more subway for you! :P Go exercise more haha.

Teh Tarik Drinker said...[Reply to comment]

an awesome write up about cheesie's post. I still can't believe that we both wrote on the same thing. Hi-5 on mutual awesomeness...

FiSh said...[Reply to comment]

leng zai mou leong sam is old ppl's saying i guess. nowadays different edi xD!

xiaopei said...[Reply to comment]

How ugly is ugly?
How pretty is pretty?

There're infinite definitions for these for different people.


Bleh said...[Reply to comment]

I enjoyed your take on it, but I'm still irritated by Cheesie's post. She's so conceited = =. And honestly, she is below average in appearance herself. Big nose/ flat facial features, bleh skin, average body.... combine that with her stuck up personality, she would be lucky to snatch a guy that's average-looking like herself. I mean I know beauty is a subjective matter but as a whole, I wouldn't believe anyone who told me they come to her blog merely for her looks. She is an average, plain Jane you would see off the streets. = = I know she never directly says that she is good looking, but she heavily implies it. That's what bugs me so much... and i'm not so much a fan of her Japanese-wannabe attitude either

-from a former reader of Cheesie

linjie said...[Reply to comment]

Everyone can choose what they like or don't like and it's their choice. If we can choose what's nice, why not

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...[Reply to comment]

Talk about insecurity... Sigh.

kianfai87 said...[Reply to comment]

lol babi silver hawk, I will swallow you alive! =P

Gee said...[Reply to comment]

haiihh Glo-w..tell Chessie don't go for handsome ones la..difficult to keep on track nti mkn hati..hehe..But I believe this is God's job to destine us with that need not try that hard bah.. :-)

sgrmse. said...[Reply to comment]

OH WOWWW! i superlove this post!! :D :D :D and i wish i had read it sooner but it really couldn't have came at a better time :')

thanks so much for writing this and sharing your two cents. everything written down on this page just leaped out at me and resonated.

thank you, thank you, thank you. ♥