Thursday, May 13, 2010

Winter warmers...

Malaysia is a tropical country. We have summers all year around and the occasional wet monsoon. Winter does not exist in my part of the world, not natural ones at least, but once in a while we all need a little warming up in our lives.

Perhaps it from all the years of playing "Tea party" while growing up, or maybe I was inspired to have a drinking bash with the charming Mad Hatter. but when I saw Winter Warmers early this year I was estatic.

I went there with a friend of mine, AM. I was craving scones and she was kind enough to play along with my little indulgence.

A dainty rose tea cup for a dainty lady perhaps?

A cup full of love.

Of course we ordered tea, her's being Chamomile if memory serves me right

"Waiter, there seems to be a bud in my tea."

and mine Rose bud tea.

A nice spread but sadly the only the scones were lovely.

A more filling order by AM.

Lastly a picture of the Mad Hatters. This was taken during Christmas and it took me this long to rediscover and finally post it. There is some PP in me still. Want to know what is a PP? Check out this post of mine.

AM, if you're seeing this picture, SURPRISE!

12 Comment:

Kia Tang said...[Reply to comment]

I love the cup design. Amazing

ohmywtf said...[Reply to comment]

hey i've there! there is one in sunway carnival mall, right??

geNe said...[Reply to comment]

where's this?

Kelvin said...[Reply to comment]

A tai tai enjoyment in a afternoon~

Irene said...[Reply to comment]

whoa!! i like the shape of the cup!
btw, where is the place? seems not bad..hahaha

SonnyKazu said...[Reply to comment]

Wow! Nice tea set! Will you be having a tea with me too? :D

nebular said...[Reply to comment]

such fine tea set n lovely too.....

Shuwen said...[Reply to comment]

omg love the cup :D

Che-Cheh said...[Reply to comment]

The 'love' cup... oh my so cute!!! :)

iamthewitch said...[Reply to comment]

The cup is really cute! And the scones are good? I used to frequent this place when I was back in Penang, but less now when I'm in KL with so many other options distracting me. :P But perhaps I should go back there just to try the scones!

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@Gene @Irene Winter Warmers

@Sonny Virtual tea^^

@Kia Tang @Nebular @Shuwen @che-cheh

The cup is simple LOVEly right? They do sell some of the items, perhaps we should have a nuffie tea gathering instead of coffee^^

@iamthewithch The scones were good, but he cake was too oily and the cookies too hard. Lols...many choices in KL and I think there are Winter Warmers there too.

araleling said...[Reply to comment]

Nice wo the tea cup =D
So cute ^_^