Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome back, Chicago.

Chicago is now open in Gurney Plaza! I'm not talking about the musical.

Attention to all pork lovers.

Tired of beef ribs and craving for some tantalizing succulent pork alternative?

Chicago is now open in Gurney Plaza! Next to Gelatomio!

Sorry for the exclamation marks. I'm really excited about this place.

No, I'm not getting paid for this post though it would be nice. I acccept payment in cash or pork ribs.

I love eating at Chicago when they had an outlet in Juru Auto-City. It was a once in a year affair when we visited relatives during Chinese new Year.

Imagine how disappointed I was when finally after 2 years I moved to the north only to find out it was closed down! I literally stood at the entrance for 5 mins asking my self "Why?"

A year passed by, pork ribs-less.

But yesterday, it's back. More pictures of the interior here.

A great place for football lovers. They have big screen televisions on all 4 walls. Much to Ben's delight. Ben ordered the bottomless fruit juice. RM5.90 and we shared. Yeah, we're cheap skates. So what?

Be mindful of which flavor you choose as you can't switch flavors for the refill.

Complimentary potato skin starters. Yummy and cheezy and full of fiber.

Ben went for the rib dinner set with BBQ chicken. Succulent perfection.

Where as I went with the Shrimp. A little more pricey but the shrimp were big and juicy.

Overall with tax it came just under a hundred. Not a daily affair, but a great place to splurge on good pork ribs.

I miss the old pans they used to serve in the previous Chicago as well as the funny signs. Adds a more rustic feel to things.

Some of the waiters were very polite and attentive. A shout out to Kaka. Thanks for serving us despite the crazy crowd. And a few others as well.

But there were others who might benefit from more training. Can't put a price on great service.

Definitely will be going back again and again for my pork rib fixes.

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JoY LiM CheN LiN said...[Reply to comment]

nice post glo..correction there, it's "accept" cash..

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@Joy Opps...thanks for spotting it. Corrected ^^

ohmywtf said...[Reply to comment]

oh, they were at juru autocity? never realized tat! any in KL?

Dylan Phuah said...[Reply to comment]

looks yummy to me!

Shuwen said...[Reply to comment]

your post just made me hungryyy and i just had my lunch LOL XD

fiona06 said...[Reply to comment]

I shall definitely add it to my 'must dine' places. But sadly I'm car-less in KL

Kelvin said...[Reply to comment]

The potato actually looks nicer than the ribs to me.

Hilda Milda said...[Reply to comment]

nice review, make me salivate already hehehe

jfook said...[Reply to comment]


Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@ohmywtf Behind the Mc D, but it's no longer there. Only 1 in Gurney Plaza. None in KL...for now ;p

@Dylan Tastes yummy too^^

@Shuwen inspiration for dinner!

@Fiona definately a must, but only branch is in Penang, for now at least^^

@Kelvin Potato lover? me the ribs are succulent.

@Hilda Very king of you to say that^^ and feel free to salivate.

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@jfook they provide napkins there^^ you can wipe your drool with them.

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@jfook they provide napkins there^^ you can wipe your drool with them.

chris_lim said...[Reply to comment]

Food looks great! I ought to try it out when I go to back to Penang again.

Btw nice blog :)

Shimmers said...[Reply to comment]

Chicago and Tony Romas are the same co. and if u noticed, their menu and sauces are about the same... just that Chicago has pork and Tony Romas is halal...

so, hehehe unfortunately, KLites will have to come to Penang for the non-halal ones.. :)

oh.. and Manhattan Fish market is also under the same umbrella...

Erica Toh said...[Reply to comment]

Gloria, how do you add NuffNang to your blog or serve NuffNang? Pretty please teach me? Thanks! ^^

Michael Yip said...[Reply to comment]


taufulou said...[Reply to comment]

uh already ah..

pork some more tim!!! wah lau...sure will go back and hunt~