Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hotel Review: SSL Traders Hotel

The reason why I have been MIA? I was here.

Yes, I was at a hotel in Taiping, but not for holiday. I was sent to be inducted.

That's when the Queen puts a long sharp object to your shoulder and decided whether to give you a title or to poke you really hard.

I kid, me and a bunch of noobs to the corporation was sent here for induction. Lets's have a short tour shall we?
The lobby.

Love the chandelier leading to the function/ ballrooms.

My room. Simple yet tastefully decorated. Looks almost as good as in their brochure.
Luckily the girl I'm suppose to bunk with had to pull out last minute so I had the room all to my self. Joy...

Noticed something? Yeah no cupboard!
Instead they give you this thingamajig...

Well I guess they were saving space and this outdoor hanger does serve it's purpose.

The washroom.

The showers. If you've read my post on Bhundhari and Traders Hotel KLCC you'll know that I really love bathtubs. No such luck here I'm afraid.

Simple and functional Showers. Great for those who spend little time in the hotel especially when there are quite a few local attractions near by to visit. I only managed to visit the Night Safari as the inducting was carried out 8am-11 pm everyday. More on that later.

P/S: Do bring your own tooth brush/paste, condisioner and comb. Like I did ^^

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iamthewitch said...[Reply to comment]

Oh dear! No toothbrush and tooth paste? What a bummer! I wonder what is going on with the hotels.. most that I visited don't provide these too. And I loved the outdoor hangers.. always afraid to open the closets in hotels. :P

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

Yeah, cost cutting I guess ;p monsters in the closet then ^^

PeeWeet said...[Reply to comment]

cool hotel.......following your blog n tweet.

jfook said...[Reply to comment]

Wow nice hotel..LOL

M-Knight said...[Reply to comment]

nice hotel

kenwooi said...[Reply to comment]

looks simple and nice =)

Kelvin said...[Reply to comment]

I think the hanger is better than cupboard too.

ohmywtf said...[Reply to comment]

nice...izzit under the Shangrila group too?

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@pee weet thanks^^

@JFook @MNight @Kenwooi not bad the price n a few attractions very nearby ^^ can have a trip there^^

@Kelvin hung my clothes up n nearly got a scare^^ Imagine seeing a white dress floating when you wake up ;p

@ohmywtf Don't think so, asked the manager are they affiliated with Traders they said no. But managed to get special price if I ever want to stay in penthouse ^^

Joanne Tee said...[Reply to comment]

I like the toilet xD

Shmuberry said...[Reply to comment]

That's a nice hotel room~ Its kinda modern (thus the no cupboard thing) but chic