Monday, April 26, 2010

Dans mon jardin...

Il ya des papayes bébé dans mon jardin, Quelle mignonne!

Look what I found in my garden, baby papayas? Well not quite but they are so adorable!

They really do look like papayas, don't they? But they're really small, just about 3cm.

But look what they can do...


Alright now, we have established that these cute little plants are not papayas, so what are they? Here it is.

I'm not sure of the English name but we, as in the older generation, call this Setawar. Lovely plant with thick waxy leaves. Quite hardy and easy to grow, all you need is a book. Yes, you heard me. A book.

This is a little experiment I use to do when I was like 7 years old. Ah the wonderful world of botany.

Let's call this project "The Growing Book Mark" shall we?

Get a book, the thicker the better.

Pluck a Setawar leaf.

Got it so far?

Choose a page, preferably somewhere in the middle of the book .

Insert the leaf like a book mark.

Then forget about it.

In about 7 days you'll get this...

Can you see life?

Wait, here's a better look ...

It's growing! Maybe it's me but seeing something so simple and intriguing like this always makes me smile^^

You can choose to leave it in to let it grow even more or plant it in a pot somewhere and wait for the baby papaya blooms to come. Don't think it happens very often though. Perhaps I was lucky?

P.S: If you noticed Setawar leaves, they grow leaves where mine grew roots too. but only when still attached to the mother plant. Perhaps I forced my leave to grow roots in search of water and nutrients?

12 Comment:

ohmywtf said...[Reply to comment] surprised that the leave itself can give baby! :-P

Pei Jing said...[Reply to comment]

wait, Setawar? I've only seen leaves growing out from it... And why yours grow roots de? So cute la...XD

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@wtf the power of self reproduction^^

@PeiJing Cute right? go try it out^^

Dewi Batrishya said...[Reply to comment]

Whoa.. Superb bookmark! Yet so scary.. XD
What if it crawls over the book after so many years.. LOL.. Imagination running wild! XD

ajjah said...[Reply to comment]

most of us i think did this when we were kids, put the leave in dictionary and leave there, few days after can get setawar babies..! :)

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@Dewi Lols setawar zombie! It's good to have a wild imaginations, makes life more colourful^^

@ajjah I did that tooo but turns out not that common, that's why I'm sharing this^^ nostalgia nad keeping it alive!

Hilda Milda said...[Reply to comment]

whoa, really nice the last photo (:

erwinator said...[Reply to comment]

cool and weird :-D

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@Hilda thanks^^ just wanted to make the roots more visible^^

@erwinator lols...go try it!

dblchin said...[Reply to comment]

whooo! The book has fed wisdom to the leaf~

Shmuberry said...[Reply to comment]

Haha so cute~

I didn't know you could speak a bit of french~ if you need help, let me know!
French happens to be my mothertongue~ hehe

Glo-w~* said...[Reply to comment]

@dblchin can say that ^^ perhaps you can try sleeping with a book?

@Shmuberry Oui! mais seulment un petit peu. J'ai deja oublie boucoup -_-"