Friday, June 22, 2012

Video Update: Dim Sum and Fashion Justification

Bonjour my lovelies~*
I've been playing around with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and it's fun!

I like the fact that I can take videos edit and upload all from my phone. Yup.
And finally some simple tweaking on the YouTube Video editor and voila!

I love using the back camera to take higher quality video (1080p) and just a tap on the screen set the focus point adds a nice touch. Get it? Touch the screen thus nice touch to the video effect? Even the word Dim Sum, Dim means to touch! Okay, bad pun. Sorry. I shtop now. Its just...I lik words and have a silly sense of humour ^^

My hand is a little jerky so the movement is not so smooth but I've been learning some tips online on how to work with what you've got. Yes even a video from a smart phone can look good! 

Next is a bit of vlog. I like vlogging. Perhaps it's because I have no friends with me so I like to pretend I'm speaking to real people? You do watch my video right? *innocent kitteh eyes* 

I'm no fashionista but I like clothes. Being on a budget and working means you have to put some extra thought into what you are buying and how far can you stretch it. So this is basically what happens in my brain when I'm out shopping. Even alone I'll be debating in the changing room. 

It's taken with the front facing Samsung Galaxy Nexus camera. 720p so you can set the viewing quality a little higher.

All editing done was on smartphone and YouTube editor FTW! I'm keeping things simple without all the bells and whistles not because I'm lazy...well convenience does play a role but also because why not use whats readily vailable for FREE! Samsung Play shops houses so many video related apps and YouTube has some cool things AND free music for you to use!

P/S: How about you? Are you the "A picture speaks a thousand words" kind or "Let the video speak for themselves" group? Looking forward to your comments below ^^

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I got Lucky

I love trill rides. Yes, beneath this unassuming bookish girl is a crazy adrenaline junkie.
Anything from go carts to roller coasters I would give it a whirl.
Genting Highlands Corkscrew and Solero Shots to practically all the roller coasters in Disneyland Japan.

Some of you may know of the GMAX5 along Clark Quay. You know, the inverse bungee metal ball that catapults into the air filling the atmosphere with banshee screams.

Turns out a couple of guys chickened out on their friends and would rather give the tickets away, and guess who happened to be looking longingly at the contraption?
When asked I immediately said YES!

Though I wasn't really dressed for the thrilling activity but the caretakers assured me my dignity would be intact. Not that I was that worried. Look even my dress colour matched. It's fated!

I love the nervous anticipation when you hear the machine gearing up. Your senses heightened, there is no turning back now. Then the moment, when your heart stops and leaps out of your chest. 

The pull of gravity builds up as you are shot like a flailing rag doll into the heavens. Your heart stuck to your back bone squashed by gravity. The pressure increases as you soar higher, almost reminding you that you weren't made for the skies. 

Then at its pinnacle, silence, weightlessness. Heaven? Nope, gravity yanks you back down. Heart pushing against your rib cage longing to be with the sky. 

I strongly recommend letting your hands go if you can. It really intensifies the free falling feeling. It's absolutely exhilaration!

I am not to sure but instead of screaming proper I end up giggling and laughing. I guess my mind is wired differently. Or perhaps I tend to get giddy with excitement.

After the fantastic ride.

Me flashing the victory sign. I made it with glee.

 Let's go again clap.

The gentlemen in blue were the very funny and sporting caretakers. where as the 4th and 5th from the left were the people I had to thank for not getting on that contraption.

Here is a video of the adventure. I noticed that Movie Maker format ruins the quality of my previous works so I decided to give YouTube video editor a try. Pretty cool except that I can't cut and move the clips around. Don;t worry about the sound, the microphone has gotten quite the earful so it decidedly tuned out. 

The guy on the left is a nice Singaporean guy whose friends bailed out on him, the other guy on the right was another lucky passerby but I have no idea how he keeps all the emotions in. Look at his face! o_O 

Where as for me, I was a gleeful cackling banshee. Perhaps it was good that you can't hear me. Be cause at a point I was pointing out oh you can see so and so from here WHEEEEE HAAAA HAAA HEHEHE HEEEE It really is lovely up there.

P/S: If you are an adrenaline junkie like me, GMax5 is definitely a thrilling experience you must try out.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Singapore in Pictures

One of the best way to travel is to meet people and just wander around.
Here are some more pictures I took while wandering about. 

I love that the under bridge walkways in Singapore are very clean but still some of the best I've seen are in Melbourne.

Follow the light

Brighten up the whole street.

We make do everyday.

White pristine church on a lovely gloomy day.

Time to eat! There is nothing quite like enjoying a good meal on an empty stomach with great company.

Must say the Ramen in Tampopo is very nice. That is all that need to be said.

Great friends are the sort that even if its been years since we met the feelings have never waned.

Supper time!

Our best place in the world (tentatively) for mussels and beer.

Indecently succulent mussels.

The next day it was my time with my little mouse in NUS
The campus is utterly beautiful!
Luscious and green. Perfect spot for picnics, strolls and general breathing.

The rooms are superb! Simple but built with the functions for sharing flatmates in mind.

Us engrossed in out chats. We can talk for hours even though we had just Skyped a few days ago.

Enormous fan stirring the air about.

Beautiful spot.
Time for lunch. Its a little Italian place on campus. Can you guess?

On a whim Ben wanted to go to the Singapore Health Ministry. Whim...

I love the old colonial architecture. 

Next it was time to meet Teddy Bens online playmates.
Off to Marche we trot.

Loads of "OMG you look like this?" chatter giggling like little school boys and stuffing face with yummy food. 
Next we adjourned to some drinks. Little did we know what was in store.

We crossed streets

Practised mobile camwhoring skills.

The the final challenge. I stood there wondering if it was some kind of cruel joke? No, Singaporeans take their walking quite seriously. Fuelled by lazy shame and guilty gluttony we hiked in good spirits. Must say the triumphant view from above was lovely but that could be the gasping talking. A little more to reach our POD.

Cheers, we made it. Well worth it. The Old School on the hills appealed very much to the proud school girl in me. Rustic and full of eccentric character. Great idea to have a little work out up the stairs to muster up a good thirst. 

The band was funny as well as talented. Interacting with the crowd effortlessly. Top class.

Like I said before. Our trip this time was more for the people. We left with souvenirs in the form of photographs and silly videos which I shall not post up for fear of backlash. We left with giggles of memories carefully stores in our memory banks. 

One last post of Singapore coming up, a tale of how Glow got lucky.